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Green Eyes Aero was established to provide high quality aerial photo and aerial video and aerial surveillance products at an affordable price. We own our primary aircraft, and focus on aerial operations. Honest work ethics combined with taking the time to do your job right, and LISTENING to what YOU need are the basis of all our client relationships.

OUR PILOT AND PHOTOGRAPHER began flying solo at age 14, and started taking Aerial Photos in the late 1970s! With 26 years as an Air Force pilot flying fighter jets, low altitude observation planes and very high altitude spy planes, he is a highly decorated military combat veteran of multiple combat tours. He has received several awards for his aerial photography from the Professional Aerial Photographers Association and works closely with environmental and wildlife oversight organizations. He possesses a lifetime of flying, photographic and aerial surveillance experiences and millions of dollars of government training, and imparts that into every aerial photo flight he flies. A natural pilot and photographer, this is his passion.

OUR EQUIPMENT includes our primary aircraft; a rugged, extremely fuel efficient ex U.S. military airplane designed to do just EXACTLY this type of work. The entire side of the cabin is wide open to allow unobscured photography and observation, and the airplane’s slow speed and maneuverability perfectly complement our pilot’s natural photographic skills. We use very high resolution digital cameras, capable of recording images at over 20.9 megapixels, and pair them with extremely high quality lenses and image stabilization equipment. We provide the images you need; from smaller digital images to compliment your Internet Advertising or Professional Reports all the way up to 6 x 4 foot tall wall mounted Artwork. And larger!

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